Jelly beans are yummy

Appropriately, I updated my phone to the latest Android 4.1, codenamed Jelly Bean. The biggest addition is Google Now (shown above), a new Google service that replaces the old Google Search app. It dynamically shows "cards" of interest, like shown the weather and upcoming appointments/events. It'll also show information as it happens, such as traffic to work and places, as well as game scores and flights.

 There are quite a few ways to access Google Now. Either 1) touch the Google search bar on the home screen; 2) hold the Home button and swipe up; or 3) from the lock screen, swipe up to Google Now.

In one of the screenshots, we also see the weather information displayed in the notification bar, one nice touch of Google Now.

In addition, the voice search improved a lot, and is super responsive and recognizes my voice very accurately. It also works offline!

Here is just a screenshot of my new home screen. :)