I would like to eat an ice cream sandwich

Just announced, the Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich! Major keypoints:

4.65 inch screen
1.2 GHz dual core CPU (Texas Instruments)
5MP camera
1.3MP front camera
No physical buttons!

And much more hardware goodies. But the main point for me is... which network is this phone on? It's already confirmed (with leaks) to be on Verizon, but from the presentation, an HSPA+ model was also mentioned. Which means a possibility for AT&T/T-Mobile customers! It'll probably be delayed after the Verizon model, but hopefully not by much. I would really want this phone not to be exclusive to CDMA networks! Thanks Google! :)

At least I'll be able to experience ICS on my current Nexus One phone, plus on my ASUS Transformer tablet. ICS looks pretty cool with lots of new features. The default desktop screens look much better and is now much closer to something like ADW Launcher. In addition, the new browser looks fast and crisp, with hopefully a much better bookmark sync (my honeycomb bookmark sync doesn't work that well for some reason). Lastly, the instant shutter is pretty amazing, along with the newly designed Gallery app. I can't wait to play with ICS! I feel like buying a real ice cream sandwich now.
David HsuComment