Today was a special day! Only one more month until an even more special day! <3

To celebrate, we went to Tajima again. We also stocked up at 99 Ranch for tomorrow’s TCA BBQ event!

Tiffany had Katsu curry again!

I had Chicken ramen again too! We had fried rice and Gyoza potstickers too! I don’t think the potstickers were worth it though… $4.50 for 5? Haha, whatever. There was 20% student discount on one item at dinner time (Mondays~Thursdays), and Tiffany had to run back to the car to get her ID. Strangely, the waiter didn’t request to see it for the discount. Oh well.

Lots of homework still, after a HILD 7B paper and LIGN 121 homework. Better start on CSE 120 soon!