More important subjects I forgot...

Somehow iTunes was on the subject at the moment, so I wrote about that. However! today was actually a really interesting day. Interesting because it was unheard of, and was a very novel event.

So we held our TCA Chinese New Year Dinner tonight at Emerald Restaurant. What was interesting preceded our dinner, when I was picking up attendees at Price Center Loop around 6 with Tiffany. While waiting in my car, I had not locked the doors and had my window open. All of a sudden, a stranger came up to the passenger side of my car and abruptly opened the passenger side door, staring me down while halfway in my car! Shocked to disbelief, I asked “Who…are you?” He didn’t respond back, and Tiffany was yelling, “Excuse me?! What are you doing?! Excuse me!” He then backed out, closed my door, and went up to Tiffany. He said nothing and stared down at Tiffany. Tiffany was also shocked! After a few seconds, the stranger started jumping around, knocking the handicap poles (I’m at Price Center loop, by the way). Tiffany promptly alerted Shelly to close her windows and drive off. She then told the same thing to me - we need to get out of there before anything bad happens! I still saw the stranger acting strangely: sometimes he would sit for a few seconds and get up again, running and jumping around. Anyways, we quickly drove off, warding off any possible danger. Tiffany then called campus police to report the incident.

The event was really scary! I should have locked my doors. Tiffany always reminds me to do so whenever we enter the car in a parking lot. Now I know why it’s important!

Besides that, the TCA dinner went quite well! 8 people showed up, including myself, to chinese food at Emerald Restaurant on Convoy St. There was a special “choose 7 dishes for $39.99”, so our dinner didn’t cost as much as we expected! We had “Prince Fried Rice”, which was a seafood fried rice with some roe on top, stir-fry vegetables, minced tofu, kung-pao chicken, hand-shreded chicken san-dong style (山東), beef with cilantro soup (forgot real name), and spicy stir-fry beef with mushroom. Overall, the dishes were delicious. The stir-fry beef was a bit too spicy for me though, but I still ate it with joy.

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