LA Auto Show 2010!

Today, Tiffany and I went to the LA Convention Center to see some nice cars! We arrived in downtown LA around 2:30PM after swaying through traffic on the I-5 :( Traffic is lame, haha. We did see a nice black Lexus IS300 with Hello Kitty decal in traffic, who also had the license plate number 6AZN146. I thought that was coincidentally funny.

Anyways, yay, LA auto show! I haven’t been there in awhile. Last time I went was probably 3 years ago, where I made a speed run through the important parts of the show. I’ll talk about the important parts later! The first time I went to the show was in the beginning of high school, with my buddies at the time: Andrew, Lawrence, Justin, and Andrew’s brother Ryan. My parents drove Andrew’s van there too, haha. After that, I went perhaps 3 more times, not including today’s visit. It hasn’t changed much either since my last visit!

So Tiffany and I first entered the South Hall, seeing the nicely glowing Audi vehicles! I quickly whipped out my camera and started taking pictures, haha. Tiffany has this fascinating attraction to the front LED lights of the new Audi car models, and I can understand why. Those LED lights are very fancy! A nice curvy line, extending on the bottom of the headlights, giving a very intimidating look. It is definitely impressive to see these lights on the streets, immediately knowing that the car is an Audi.

We moved on to Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, only because they were in our path to the BMW section. Lexus and MB are pretty nice, but I’m probably biased and will say that BMW has the best looking cars overall. I do have a taste for MB’s new C-series, but other than that, the E-class isn’t all that great. The E-class goes against MB’s traditional headlights and goes for a more contemporary style. Although it looks more futuristic and sleeker(is this a word?), I think MB should stick to the traditional headlights that the E-class is known for.

So, finally, BMW! We were greeted by the glory of the new BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept vehicle! Tiffany’s heart was pitter-patter, all over the amazing design of the concept car. The headlights are outstanding and give the same intimidating BMW look. The kidney grill is also slightly changed, making them look like thin blades. Also, there isn’t a sunroof, but the roof is a big piece of window now! Definitely Tiffany’s and my dream car, haha. Sadly, we couldn’t sit inside it, haha. We’ll have to wait until next year for that! 

We moved on to the new M3! We were able to sit in this one, haha. I wish I could drive one of these cars so I can feel how powerful the V8 engine is!

After playing with the M3, we sat in some other cars: X6, 3-series sedan, Z4, M3 coupe convertible, 5-series, X5, 7-series, and 1-series! Nearly all the cars from the BMW lineup!

Tiffany tried out a MINI Cooper as well, just for fun. The MINI Cooper was actually pretty nice; not small at all.

Wow, so much BMW! That’s it for BMW, haha. More pictures on Facebook~. We went to the Porsche Hall next, which was about a 10 minute walk across the convention center. Porsche cars are nice and all, but I would still rather buy a BMW. :)

We weren’t interested in other companies, so we just browsed around until we got tired. We picked up free recyclable bags from Toyota and Hyundai!

What a fun day with Tiffany! I took Tiffany back home and had some delicious dinner made by her mom. I was sad that I had to leave her for the weekend. :( I miss her already <3