Hsi Lai Temple!

Just a quick visit to the Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights!

By the way, we got free Google shirts from the recent Google Talk on Wednesday! Plus some other Google stuff like pens, stickers, chap stick, and Google flashy lights.

Compassion is very important! Respect all types of beliefs and cultures! This is a bumper sticker I bought at the temple. Can anyone tell me what the symbol the “N” is supposed to be? There’s a star enveloped by a circle on the “N”, but I don’t know what it means. Other than that, the others should be pretty obvious! Here’s the breakdown:

C: Islam

O: Dharma Wheel (Buddhism)

M: a dove

P: a male/female gender symbol

A: Star of David (Judaism)

S: Yin Yang symbol (might be wrong?)

S: Hinduism (left part of the symbol)

I: a cross (Christianity, Catholicism)

O: peace!

N: unknown!