We went to a Greek restaurant called Apollonia Greek Bistro tonight! It was really spontaneous - we went to the Costa Verde plaza to check out the NookColor at Barnes&Noble, and we were just window shopping.

We checked out the nearby supermarket called Bristol Farms too. Wow, that place is expensive! There was an olive section with like 10 different olives. I didn’t even know there were more than one type of olive, haha. Also, normal drinks and food are overpriced! I guess I’m not going there anymore again, haha. We did try their danishes though. They were incredible delicious!

When we were going to go back home, we saw the Greek restaurant on the way back to the car. Feeling spontaneous, we tried it for dinner! I selected the salmon (not even Greek) and Tiffany had Chicken Kebab. We also had pita bread and hummus (spelling?). Overall, dinner was okay. My salmon was well baked and tender all round, so I liked it. Tiffany’s chicken was also grilled nicely. Pita bread was delicious!

P.S. I didn’t even know the restaurant’s name until I checked it on Yelp, haha.