Cue! 9/5/2010, Sunday

What a day! Full of coincidences! Lots of driving too!

Tiffany and I went to Cue! today for our first Cue pictures together! Very glamorous indeed~~ Too bad I messed up on the first photo - we’ll never know what it is now! :( We also didn’t understand Japanese, so the first batch didn’t turn out too well, haha, no decorations at all!

I finally met Tiffany’s cousin Alina on her birthday! How exciting!

Lastly, I took Tiffany back home~. It looks like Tiffany’s happy to be home - who wouldn’t be after 2 months of summer school? We played some Band Hero with JeJe, Stephy, and Andrew; Aria watched us play~.

Food at home is always the best! Tiffany’s mom makes really delicious food!

And tomorrow is Labor Day! Yay, a day of rest for my whole family~

So although I had a final on Saturday, I guess I made it up with today!

Tiffany has the cue pictures and is scanning them at this moment~~

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