Google Translate app: Instant translation from camera

Google just updated their Translation app for Android with very exciting new features. Perhaps the biggest and newest feature is the ability to translate text instantly from the camera. Seen from the screenshot above, you can use your finger to highlight what text to translate, and instantly - seriously, instantly - it comes up.

Of course there are some limitations, as the app doesn't seem to pick up handwritten texts so well. I also tried writing more legibly, but the translator still couldn't recognize my handwriting. Also, the camera translation feature is only available for a few languages currently. I briefly went through the available languages to translate from, and it seems only English, German, and the latin languages were available for camera translation.

The other addition is the ability to choose the preferred voice translation, such as translation Chinese voice to English text. It seems just as accurate as Google Voice Search, and now much more convenient that they put the voice search inside the translator.