Google Voice Search commands (Jelly Bean Android 4.1)

I can't seem to find a good website that lists out available commands* that Google recognizes. So here's a compiled list of them that I discovered or found from numerous websites! Of course, there are many ways to say one command, so this is just a condensed list of commands that worked for me.

*When I say commands, I mean when Voice Search displays its own answer box and may answer back (through speaking), instead of a normal web search.

Please enjoy this list!

Asking the weather is the easiest! You can also convert the temperature on-the-fly. More on conversions later. Similar commands:
  • What is the weather tomorrow?
  • What is the weather in <city>?
  • Will it rain tomorrow?
  • Do I need an umbrella today?

You can ask how to get to places, generic or specific.
  • How do I get to <place>?
  • Where is the <generic place>?
  • Where is the closest <shop>?

Need to know how tall someone or a building is? That's easy for Google! It also looks like Google can predict that "Coby Bryant" actually meant "Koby Bryant". Note that some buildings or people won't show up in the knowledge card.
  • How tall is <person>?
  • How tall is the <building>?

You can ask Google for date of births and deaths, how old they are, and the (high) positions of companies countries.
  • How old is <person>?
  • When was <person> born?
  • When did <person> die?
  • Who is the <title> of <company/country/state>?
    • Example: Who is the governor of California?

So far, I've only had baseball to work with Voice Search. I wanted the Euro Cup 2012 games to work, but haven't had any luck.
  • Example: Is there an Angels game today?

You can also text or call someone easily. If there are contacts of the same name, Google Now will list them out for you to choose.

You can ask Google to give directions to a specific place.
  • Go to <place>
  • Navigate to <place>

Set an alarm or reminder by saying it! I haven't had a way to turn off an alarm though.

 You can play any music, by artist and/or song.

Converting between unit systems couldn't be easier. You can convert distance, temperature, numbers, etc. Not shown is a voice calculator too, such as multiplication. It can also handle some other calculations as well, like natural log and pi.
  • Convert <number> to hexadecimal/binary/octal
  • Convert <number><unit1> to <unit2>
    • Example: Convert 76 meters to feet
  • How many <unit1> are in <unit2>
    • Example: How many centimeters are in 5 feet?

Ask for the time in any city.

Look up a word easily!

Get a stock quote for some stocks. I say some because I was only able to get answers for some popular stocks. I wasn't able to get my own Western Digital (WDC) stock to show up.

See a quick peek of pictures of a query.

Send a note to yourself. Sadly, this emails the note instead of putting it in tasks.
Get the day of the week for a specific day.

Screen does a barrel roll!

Actually tilts the result screen.

 Well, that's all the commands that I know of! Let me know if you find any more!