Job fair!

Today, I went to the UCSD job fair, which was quite awarding for me. However, the job fair had mostly general companies (Jack in the Box was there!), and not specifically for engineers. Though, the DeCaF job fair in February will be specific for engineers! Regardless, I was able to find several well-suited companies at today's job fair. Namely, Intel, Motorola, RIM, Websense, Neustar (Webmetrics), and many others. Hopefully some of them reply back for an interview! I'm very excited to be part of any of these companies.

The job fair was not without any company gifts, of course. Intel gave out microfiber cloths, lead pencils, a recyclable bag, and silly paste(?). The microfiber cloth came in a little pouch that doubles as a business card holder. Motorola also gave out microfiber cloths, and I won (earned?) a flash drive from Neustar for answering a programming question.

Good luck to everyone who is also searching for jobs!