Blazing fast startup with SSD!

I just installed my new OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD today on my Macbook Pro. The steps to accomplish this was relatively easy.
Since I was already on OS X Lion, I needed to first create a recovery image for OS X Lion, provided by Apple on their website. This recovery image was put on a USB stick (of at least 1GB) and loaded during startup by holding the command key. An "OS X Lion Utility" application pops up, and here, I had the option of formatting my disk (using Disk Utility), recovering from a Time Machine backup, or installing OS X Lion. I chose to install OS X Lion from scratch, just to see how well my computer can perform. This led to signing into the App Store to automatically download OS X Lion and installing it. After the installation was complete, I was done! (except for reinstalling applications and migrating data back)

For SSDs, I had to enable TRIM support so that deletions are handled optimally. Other than that, my SSD is good to go!

~12 second cold boot time! This is unbelievably fast.
All applications start up very, very fast. There is barely any delay at all on application startups such as memory-intensive Microsoft Word and iTunes.

Hopefully, these results will last with my SSD! Overall, I am very pleased with my SSD purchase, and definitely recommend using SSDs when their price is significantly lower.
David HsuComment