Official end of Sony Ericsson

Sony just bought the other half of Sony Ericsson's shares, which means the entire SE company is now Sony's. This allows Sony to do more integration of their products with their mobile phone business, such as (already happening) putting some PlayStation games onto phones. In addition, no more branding of "Ericsson" - it's just Sony now! I wouldn't expect a redesign of their phones though. The Xperia line, with Arc as the flagship, look pretty decent.

I was a Sony Ericsson fan for a few years. My first SE phone was a K750i, a candybar phone with a 2.0 MP camera and color screen! It was top of the line, back in 2007.

I then upgraded to a K800i, which sported a Cybershot 3.2MP camera and a front-facing camera. Again, top-of-the-line "dumbphone" of the time in 2008.

My last SE phone was in 2009, the first Xperia model X1. It had a 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen and had Windows Mobile 6.1. What a terrible phone that was. It was SE's first smartphone (can it even be called smart?) and they chose Windows Mobile over the newly born Android. Its competition was the HTC G1, which I frankly didn't like its design. Plus, the X1 had sleek design with its aluminum casing, but poorly made with its half-plastic. After a year's use, there were several cracks on the plastic part of the phone. In addition, the software, namely Windows Mobile, was probably the slowest OS I've ever used. Touches are never responsive, and OS organization is just very bad in general.

After the X1, I was interested in something more usable, so I tried out Android with the Nexus One. It was a big leap forward from Windows Mobile. I forgot how responsive a touch or swipe on the screen should be!

Nowadays, I see Android phones by SE, but I don't think of them as a leader, unlike HTC or Samsung with Android devices. SE has nice Android phones, but their OS overlay can't compare with that of HTC's or Samsung's.