Not All Targets Created Equal

So, Tiffany and I are a big fan of the big red stores of Target. We go there often with plenty of coupons, ready to buy things. We also have a favorite Target: the store on Balboa Ave and Genesse Ave. That particular Target is well organized with good staff. It's also a "super" Target that has a grocery store too. Lastly, it's fortunately the closest Target to UCSD.

If we compare the Balboa Target with other Targets in San Diego, the other Targets don't even compare. We've been to the Target on Mercury St., close to Convoy St. That Target is smaller and is quite inconvenient. Its layout is oddly organized and doesn't have a grocery store. In addition, there's just a weird vibe to that Target.

Today, we were around Fashion Valley area, so we went to the Target by the 8 Freeway, on Camino del Rio Rd. This Target is two stories and is quite large. It's a "super" Target as well. However, somehow we were unable to navigate this Target like we usually do with the Balboa Target! Its product placement just seemed unnatural to us, and we were unable to shop at full confidence. Sadly, we didn't spend as much time at this Fashion Valley Target as we would have at the Balboa Target.

So, from this experience, I suppose we were conditioned to the environment of the Balboa Target. Since we were regulars there, we were able to shop more efficiently and have a much better time shopping without trying to figure out where things were in the store.

In fact, the Target in Diamond Bar has the same exact layout as that of the Balboa Target. As a result, when I shop at the Diamond Bar Target, I already know where everything is, based on the same environment as the Balboa Target. So, Target should just make all of their stores have the same or very similar layouts, so that their shoppers won't be confused when revisiting their stores at a different location.
David HsuComment